kiddo daily delight – enchanted sled by jan wahl


Years ago, my father pulled me aside and told me about a design for a sleigh.  My father is very creative.  Our childhood afternoons were spent out in the tree house,Tarzan swings,bridge up and through the trees, and sliding down an old pool slide from the top of the tree house…with the entire neighborhood. 

I’m not a sleigh expert, so I had little to contribute.  Last Thanksgiving he consulted with the designer, and this weekend: we tried it out!  It was the most glorious sledding I’ve done, and much safer than the hoods off the abandoned sheep ranch trucks, riding on a trashed mattress and pulled behind a truck.  

The Parley Sled can glide!   It is about 9 feet long, weighs about 200 pounds, has a custom mattress, and fabric covered ropes to hold as you fly through the snow.  It’s beautiful.  Simply beautiful.

My brother-in-law let my Dad borrow his 4-wheeler.  The kiddos and I joined my niece Rebecca, nephew Josh, my bro Jonny, cousin Ethan, sis Meece, and parents enjoy the Parley Sled.  The kiddos loved it.  We all did.  On one quick corner, the dancer flew off into a snow bank.  Her face was covered in ice, once it was off she was ready to go again.  After riding with Papa on the four wheeler for a while, she was ready to sled again.  Rebecca loved the Parley sled as well.  She loved to stand and balance.  She even outlasted Jonny and Ethan (the older boys). 

For a beautifully illustrated book about sledding and snow, check out The Enchanted Sled by Jan Wahl and illustrated by Monique Felix.  It is full of winter fantasy and imagination.  A wonderful choice to intensify any sledding adventure. 

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