kiddo daily delight – making the kiddo daily delight system


It’s been a wonderful week so far.  Maybe it is the lack of appointments or places to go.  The kiddos and I haven’t left the house since playgroup on Monday.  Without the morning rush to eat, dress and get out the door, the builder and dancer have been content to play and listen to music.  They’ve visited their pretend library and grocery store, reorganized their toys, played trashy town, dress-ups, and danced to the nutcracker over and over again.  Less bickering, more creativity…I can’t complain. 

So I began to set up materials for our kiddo daily delight system.  The large recycled paper from the designer’s office covered the table top.  Crayons, colored pencils, and oil pastels were neatly placed and ready.  I was about to gather the envelopes, when the grower needed to be fed.  The dancer and builder know what to do when the paper and materials are out.  They climbed up on a chair and began to draw.  Off I went to feed the grower.

When I came back ,they decorated the envelopes that would become pockets to hold each kiddo daily delightinstruction.  I have a stash of stationary that I’ve been carrying with me for soo long.  The envelopes are various sizes, colors, and from different card collections.  But I’ve decided that it will be more fun making my envelopes from here on out, so I didn’t feel so bad about raiding my envelope stash.

I sealed the envelopes and cut off a 1/4″ of the sides to create a vertical pocket.  With the cut-off pieces, I will write the name of a children’s book and place them in each of the pockets.  An activity will coincide with the story, (though, for simplicity’s sake, I won’t write that down.)  On the outside of the envelopes, numbers representing the days of the month have been cut out of mail catalogues.  All hung by the same twine and clothespins as our kiddo advent.  

I’ll be working the next couple days at choosing activities to go along with the stories.  The kiddos and I are anxiously anticipating opening our first envelope/pocket.  After I had hung them, the builder wanted to open one and get going.  Soon enough…:)

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