kiddo daily delight: fhe on prayer & llama llama red pajama


We picked up a bunch of books we’ve never read, at the library yesterday morning.  It should get us a good start on our kiddo daily delight for the next couple weeks.  Then in the afternoon, as the builder and dancer were setting their table, cooking, eating, and praying together, prayer seemed a great topic for our fhe.  (What is Family Home EveningClick here.) 

The  designer’s sister gave us a great boost on our fhe nights together.  We had a prayer by the builder and dancer (simultaneously, the usual, these days), and sang Popcorn Popping (one of their favorites).  I played the melody on the piano with the dancer sitting and singing by my side.  We talked about prayer.  When we pray, whom we pray to and what we say in our prayers.  No, it didn’t last long, the lessons never do.  🙂 

Then we played the Eric Carle Brown Bear matching gamethat Tonya had given us in our fhe gift.  The kiddos loved it.  The grower was climbing and reading books as we matched the cards and recited the poem together.   If your kiddos enjoy the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See, you might also enjoy these activities on Eric Carle’s website.

During storytime, we read llama llama, red pajama,by Anna Dewdney.  Check out her site, she has some wonderful children’s books to share.  This story is about a lil’ llama who misses his momma when he is put to bed.  After a fit of sorts, she returns and explains that though she is not there, she is always near, and that she loves her baby llama very much.  The illustrations are wonderful, and I thought it was a great follow-up on our lesson on prayer.

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