delight – advent countdown 20: humanitarian christmas


Instead of a typical Christmas party, our ward chose to do a Humanitarian Christmas.  Gathering items for school and hygiene kits, painting wooden blocks, sewing & tying quilts, sewing & stuffing balls, soft books, etc., have been on everyone’s mind and in their busy hands. 

Tonight we gathered, worked together, ate, and celebrated.  The primary children sang a few songs.  The kiddos and I joined their buddy, Jack, on the floor and listened to their performance.  The dancer couldn’t help but move to their beautiful music.  One of the young men put together a beautiful slide show depicting the journey our ward has taken together and within our families. 

I was especially touched to see many people come that I have never met before, children I did not know belong to our primary, attended.  It was a beautiful night.  We had a wonderful time.

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