delight – advent countdown 21.5: lights at temple square


It was a fun evening.  We loaded the cooler with sandwiches, fruit, and juice, and headed to Salt Lake.  Temple Square was a happening place.  We parked several blocks east and up the hill from the Church Office Building. 

It was cold.  The grower was snuggled in his carrier, riding in the stroller.  The dancerdid not want to wear her coat (the usual, I don’t think she remembers winter), but was so cold that she was barely walking…that, and she was mesmerized by the lights.  Her little walk reminded me of a penguin.  The builder was so excited.  His hands were cold till the designershowed him how to use his pockets.  At one point I was holding both he and the dancer’s hands, walking down some steps next to the temple.  He looked up at me with a big smile and sparkly eyes, and proclaimed, “Momma, I loveyou!”  “I love you too,” I replied.  He began to tell me something about the lights and the temple, but spotted a picture of Christ in the building we were approaching, and be-lined for it. 

On the way back to the car, I began to tire from pushing the grower and builder in the stroller.  The designer took the stroller and I piggy backed the dancer (who did not want to be carried, but we could not freeze so the penguin could walk…).  I wasn’t moving fast enough, and the last few hundred feet, the designer proved his super power, carrying the dancer and pushing the boys up the hill. 

Everyone was exhausted.  As we drove towards the freeway, the kiddos were all out, and I was starving.  The starving I haven’t felt in a long time.  I pleaded with the designerto stop.  “Anywhere,” I said.  We wanted to try a Mediterranean place in Sugar House, but they closed as we pulled up.  Fortunately, Pei Wei was on the next block, and still open.   The designer surprised me with one of my favorites, coconut cream curried chicken with brown rice.   Fun night!

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