gwg – GraniteCrete: the natural path

I’m a big sucker for pavers.  The Old World look that they give, the geometry…yet, here is another green alternative to concrete that I have fallen in love with: GraniteCrete.  Whether you’re in need of a new driveway, landscape path, or even a patio area, consider using the organic feel of GraniteCrete. 

One of the reasons that I love pavers is because of their porous nature.  GraniteCrete is also porous, allowing water to naturally seep into the ground and preventing unnecessary runoff to drains and sewers.  Oil and other chemicals on our driveways can be broken down naturally by the bacteria in our soil before reaching our water table.  Keeping our groundwater clean is important for the root systems of our trees. GraniteCrete will also reduce the affects of flash flooding, and lessen the urban heat-island effect.  Runoff can cause erosion to the land and your landscape over time.  

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