delight – advent countdown 23: christmas art


The neighbor girls, McKenzie and Emily were over this afternoon, stayed for dinner ,and joined in our advent activity.  As I washed the dishes, the designer helped the kiddos draw Christmas scenes with the Cray-Pas oil pastels.  They are similar to crayons, but come off so much smoother.  You can blend them, and even scratch designs in your color.  The color is brilliant, and it’s been our favorite medium as of late.  I found a new pack for the kiddos stocking at Utrecht in SLC on black friday.  It was on sale, and you can buy a pack of 25 online at Utrecht for only $2.99.   After we were done, the kiddos immediately wanted their creations hung in their toy room.  I’ve hung more twine on the white walls with left over advent clothespins to hang their latest artwork. 

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