discovery – music & nursing


The grower loves his siblings so much that it has become very difficult for him to nurse when they are around.  I try and feed him before the designer leaves for work, when he is home for lunch, and when he comes home for the evening.  But there are 2-3 feedings that happen while he is gone (one while the dancer is napping, so not such a big deal). 

At first I tried to hide in our room and hope the other two would just continue what ever project or adventure they were involved with in our absence.  But inevitably, they run into my room and want to see what we are doing.  Then of course the grower is done eating and more interested in his siblings. 

So I tried to close the door as I went in the room.  Not such a great improvement.  I tried locking the door behind me.  Pounding occurred, so I would tell them both where we were going and what we were doing…that I was going to shut and lock the door.  That seems to help, but one morning I could hear them yelling.  (It’s only fifteen minutes…can’t we all survive for 15 minutes?)  When I returned, the dancer had gotten into the toilet paper and the builder was trying to take charge of the situation. 

Yesterday, I turned on the LDS Children’s Hymn CD  that they call, “Jesus Music.”  It made such a difference.  They were singing and dancing along.  When we were at the library yesterday, I checked out some Putumayo CDs that were recommended by our music teacher, Miss Kristi.  So they danced to the Music from the Tea Lands.  Both are wonderful music that I can enjoy right along with the kiddos.  And I love exposing them to all kinds of music genres.  I think I’ll keep checking out library for great music. 

Any more great kiddo music suggestions out there?  We love jazz, classical, Latin, world music, folk…

4 thoughts on “discovery – music & nursing

  1. I have one that you will just adore. It is sold on the “The Land of Nod” website as well. Elizabeth Mitchell’s “You are my little bird” CD – collection of songs about birds. It has a folk music feel to it, but is definitely meant for kids.

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