development – more catalog recycled wrapping

Can’t help it, but wrapping this afternoon makes me giddy thinking about wrapping Christmas gifts.  The wrapping has always been an important part for my Grommie, Mom, and Aunt Buffie.  They would spend hours and hours wrapping gifts for each other.  Fortunately, a bit of this has passed on to my sibblings and I.  We love hiding in a room together, listening to Christmas Carols and chatting as we wrap our gifts. 

This year I’ve become a bit infatuated with recycled wrapping from my favorite catalogs.  I’m wondering how I can make these gifts a bit more of the Season.  I’ve already been receiving quite a few catalogs with Christmas Scenes inside.  I’ll just have to set them aside and take advantage of their beautiful colors. 

Pictured above is a baby gift for my soon to be nephew arriving in a couple months.  We’re throwing a shower for my sister-in-law tonight.  I hope she has a wonderful time.  (The other small number is what the builder wrapped for the baby…).  🙂

To see some of my other recent recycled wrapping, click here.  And happy wrapping!

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