discovery – seasons of home


Seasons of Home in Midway, Utah, is quickly becoming my favorite local shop.  I stopped in with the dancer and the grower while the builder was at preschool to obtain supplies for the completion of our Christmas Stockings that I’ve preciously written about here and here.  At this point I thought the best idea was to find someone to embroider our names on the ribbon of each stocking…pay them.  If that wasn’t an option, I thought I would just figure it out myself. 

I asked the cute ladies working in the shop and they said that they didn’t do that.  So the dancer began looking through all the wonderful children’s books and toys upstairs (she was soo good), as I rummaged through the embroidery yarn with the grower in the baby hawk.  (Is it yarn, or string, or what?)  Anyways, when I explained what I was doing, the ladies immediately wanted to help me figure out my project.  They sent me home to obtain my stockings so we could get a better idea of options. 

They were concerned that the ribbon may be too small of an area for a novice as myself to embroider.  So as I drove I came up with plan B.  Upon returning, I showed them my stockings and explained my new plan: to embroider on small gift tags made of muslin.  I don’t want to add more fabric to the stockings for I like their simplicity.  I want to use a simple stich to give the old fashioned, hand-made appearance…it should be easy enough for me as well.  So they’ll just hang from the ribbon.  We’ll see.  I need to do some paintings the next few nights, but I think I’ll begin next week. 

So the gals helped me calculate and find the needed supplies, and off we went.  It’s so nice to have willing help.  I love Seasons of Home.  It’s a great stop for the talented, the novice (like myself), and the beauty seeking alike.   The ladies there are such amazning resources…so many talents to glean from.  Its also nicet to chat with friends…I know several of the owners (i think there are 13), and ladies that work there.  Thanks gals, I’ll bring them in when they are complete.  🙂

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