gwg – 10 things you must know about Cork Flooring & informative cork sites

If you’re looking to buy or install cork flooring, this article is a comprehensive guide to the top ten must knows of cork flooring, and it will also provide you with 20 informative sites on cork.
10 things you must know about cork flooring:

1.      Cork flooring is made from the Bark that is harvested from the Cork Tree (Quercus Suber), the only tree able to regenerate after the harvest.  The bark can be re-harvested every 9-10 years without damaging the tree.  Regulated forests within the Mediterranean, mainly in Spain & Portugal, are the producers for the cork industry.

2.      Whether you use cork as your subfloor or main floor covering, if properly sealed/finished, the flooring will not rot, mold or mildew, for in its natural state, it is impermeable to liquid and gases.  Water-based seal/finishing such as urethane are recommended.  Because it does not release toxic gases on combustion, it is fire resistant.

3.      Cork is a wonderful insulator.  It is resistant to temperatures, so go ahead, take off your shoes and walk barefoot.  You won’t find the same cold experience as with most tile flooring.

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