delight – play-dates: for me or the kiddos?

At lunch today, the designer asked if I had a good time with my friends.  I had a wonderful time, and so did the kiddos.  We organize play-dates for the kiddos to learn to share, make friends, and have something to look forward to each week.  Or do I do it to hang out with my friends?  Well, it’s definitely both.  I’m lucky to have found the greatest gals to hang out with that also have kiddos the same age as my kiddos. 

I thank my Heavenly Father for this.  It’s such a wonderful time for all of us.  I love watching the kiddos enjoy one another…resolve conflicts, learn to share, express themselves, and just have a great time.  The gals and I sit with our babies, chat about our lives, parenting, and things we enjoy, as we take turns being the referee and playing with the kiddos. 

This morning we hung out at Sara’s.  Her parents have a large, lovely backyard with plenty of space to run, leaves to play in and rake, apples to pick, swings and a sandbox, and a mix of shade and sun.  Part of the lovely morning was just geting to be outside enjoying friends and kiddos.  Thanks ladies.  It’s such a light in my week.  The kiddos and I love our friends, and we love playgroup!

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