delight – super tuesday

So yesterday really was a SuperTuesday.  I had my first day off of pre-school since we began the first of September, my incredible mother-in-law and I began rectifying the Christmas Stocking Saga, and I was able to attend our Relief Society’s Super Tuesday craft night. 

The stockings are looking beautiful.  I didn’t realize how many patterns I would need to draw, or we would have to alter before finding the perfect fit.  But they will be real treasures for us during Christmas.  My mother-in-law has a talent for sewing, and where I would have just taken all the stockings to the same point, ie., cutting, then sewing, she wanted to do just one first to make sure it was what I really wanted.  Just watching and learning her process was so very helpful. 

At our ward activity I chose two projects: a scripture tote (pictured above), and modge podging the frame around a magnet board (something I’ve wanted in our kitchen for quite some time now).  Lori helped me plan my bag, and despite my last sewing lesson being in Girl Scouts, she stayed by me and was very patient with my sewing.  It was a great accomplishment I felt.  I’ve been wanting to learn to sew for a long time, and this helped me realize that it is an obtainable goal.  Thank you Lori, can’t wait for my mom to get it in the mail! Oh, and I spent a whole $1.75 on the scripture tote.

I’ll post pics of the magnetic board as soon as it is finished.  I completed the background and got the letters and extra details set where I want them.  Just need to glue them on.  The board is hiding under our bed (don’t tell the kiddos :)).  Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow evening.  What a great day!

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