delight – new renters

The designerhas been working hard tonight getting a few things fixed and ready for our new renters.  It’s just such a blessing to know that we’ll have someone in there for the next year.  Even better, it is my friend Brittoni’s sister, Danni, and her three girlies.  I hope they enjoy living there.  We sure did.  I have so many fond memories…cooling down with the builderin our kiddie pool the summer I was prego with the dancer, watching the builder learn to walk and throw rocks down the storm drain, our first little garden, learning to paint with oil, the start of our Healthy Cooking Group, daily neighborhood walks, hunting for lost golf balls with the designer and the builder

In general I love the layout of our Swiss Oakscondo (that ironically enough, was designed by Brittoni’s father, George Olson).  The two master style bedrooms in the walk-out basement, next to the laundry room (that had plenty of room for hanging rods to dry our clothes), was cool in the summer when taking naps with the builder.  The main living area all on the main floor, with a half bath, and a loft upstairs with a large storage closet for the builder’s hide-a-way and toy closet, were charming.  The Master has a patio, and there is a balcony off the Dining/Living rooms.  My favorite feature of the condo though, is the view.  Wilson’s Peak seems so close and the Homestead Golf Course is close enough to hear the players if you have the window open or are on the balcony.  The builder loved the deer sightings that were very frequent in our yard and in the field behind the condo.  If only my knees weren’t so bad that the stairs didn’t bother me so…

Danni, I hope you and your girls enjoy this much loved space and the beauty that surrounds it!

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