theory – sometimes you just can’t plan enough

The kiddos adore going to the children’s museum in Salt Lake (Discovery Gateway), and today they had a special Elephant Walk Parade and a few circus activities for the kids afterwards, so I thought it was a perfect time to go.  Realizing how hard it is for us to get out the door these days, (especially when we’re gone for most of the day), the designerand I packed lunches for the kiddos and I last night.  We filled sippy cups, water bottles, and I even got the cooler ready with back up juice for the way home. 

Despite the planning, the morning began a bit rocky as the growerhad an irregular night with several wake up calls.  When my alarm went off at 6:30, the designer was at his usual basketball work-out, and I was surprised to find the builder lying on the floor of our room waiting for me to change him, for he’d had an accident.  So by the time the designer returned, I hadn’t been able to accomplish more than feeding the growerand half of my pilates work-out. 

Sweet man that he is, he cooked up some oatmeal, and asked if he could take the builder with him to work until I left for the museum.   I quickly got ready and cleaned up the kitchen, dressed the grower and the dancer and did her hair.  We were almost ready.  After doing the dancer’s hair, she asked to wash her hands.  I turned the faucet down low, ran to pack my camera, and came right back, knowing what could happen with water.  Or did I know?

She had used a plastic zip-lock baggy holding her hair bands, filled it with water, and had soaked her self completely.  Wow.  2 minutes and this is what happens as we’re running out the door.  I was frustrated because I’d dressed her in red hoping that it would be easier to spot her in the museum (a trick I’ve learned from my friend Lesa).   Soon she was re-dressed, and in the car along with her baby brother and all of our gear for the day. 

We picked up the builder and headed to Salt Lake.  On the way I called my friend Lesa who was also trying to make it to the museum with her 3 small kiddos.  Having just had a baby, this was one of her first large outings alone with her three kiddos.  I called to see if she wanted us to stop and help her.  This gal is amazing.  She was almost ready, going to feed the baby and she’d be on her way.

As we met Lesa and her kiddos I was struggling, for I had forgot the stroller (thank heaven’s for my baby hawk!) and couldn’t find one of the dancer’sshoes.  (She always takes them off in the car).  I had found both of her socks, one of which was soaked from a sippy spill or her mouth (she takes them off with her teeth).  Lesa offered to let us put our gear in her stroller, I finally found the dancer’s shoe, and we were off.  2 mommas and 6 kiddos (a 4, 3, 2, 1 year old, and 2 babies (3 months and 1 month). 

We began our museum fun upstairs and tried to eat outside at the helicopter just before the parade was to begin.  After the parade, Lesa’s daughter got into the elevator before us and the door closed.  Oh the horror!  All I could do was look at Lesa with big eyes.  As she and her baby ran down the stairs, I waited with the other 4 kiddos.  Down the stairs was where the circus activities were erupting.  There were moms, strollers, balloons, and tons of small kiddos everywhere.

Back at the elevator, the door re-opened and there was lil’ Stevie and a Discovery Gateway employee.  Now what?  I didn’t know where Lesa had gone.  As I tried to ask the employee to help me, she disappeared.  While I was trying to decide what to do next, Lesa returned with two more employees and a thankful heart as she spotted Stevie. 

As I was driving home this afternoon, I couldn’t help but feel horrible that I’d suggested Lesa and her kiddos join us at the wild circus day.  Yet, we had made it!  Despite my planning mistakes and some unexpected events, we were all safely returning home, and the kiddos were all exhausted, having spent an exciting learning/elephant-spotting day. 

In the midst of all the shoe maddness, I had forgotten my cell phone in the car and could not take the call that my friend Lisa and her kiddos had also arrived at the museum.  Though I looked for her, there were soo many mommas and kiddos, that I never saw her.  I called and appoligised on the way home and found that she too had had a wild adventure before and at the circus museum.  Her nephew had slipped away from her as well. 

In honor of all of those mommas out there surviving each day along with Lesa, Lisa and I, let’s just hang in there together!  We’ll keep planning and preparing for our adventures with kiddos, knowing that there will undoubtably be some unexpected events…sometimes you just can’t plan enough!  🙂

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