theory – rest: it’s good for you!

August was way too busy.  It seems like we took all of our vacations in august and I quickly learned that though answering the phone is the hardest day to day thing for me with three small kiddos, that packing is my newest nightmare.  Lots of tears, and the designer always had to come to my rescue before we could take off.  All the fun has taken it’s toll though.  I’m looking forward to a set schedule and some routine naps here and there.

Yesterday the grower and i took an afternoon nap together.  Soo needed.  Then again this afternoon, after our first day of preschool and lunch, all three kiddos and I slept during nap time (not the norm lately).  It’s got a bit cooler and our bodies must be a bit wiped out by all the fun and the weather change.

Fortunately I’m not the only one taking a break out there.  My good friend Sara has been back east pacing up her Long Island Town-home for a great move.  Yes, she was doing it all by herself.  Her husband is already working his new job, and the great grandma’s were watching her two boys, so she was packing alone, across the country.  After a week or so of packing she spent her last evening in a wonderful B&B in Port Jefferson.  Smart girl!  How many times do we go-go-go and never take a break or reward ourselves with a bit of R&R?

Way to go Sara.  You are my inspiration!  So all you ladies out there reading this…I know that you deserve a break.  Take a nap, take a night off, go to the spa, do whatever it is that helps you relax and rejuvenate!

(photo taken from a Port Jefferson B&B The White House On High Street.) 

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