theory – cell phone take over

Orginally a lifesaver, but recently, my cell phone has become such a burden.  Studying architecture in college was so demanding.  Many late nights and early mornings in the Studio made having a cell phone a neccesity.  But now I feel almost oppressed by it’s demands and the overusage I see each day…

Don’t get me wrong…there is a time and a place.  But all the time?  I remember being teased and scolded for bringing a book to a Mongolian bbq dinner with my family.  It was a great book, I was almost done, and I have 5 other sibblings that could make conversation with my parents.  I know, yes, it was probably not acceptable behavior within the “finer circles,” as my Grommie calls it, but what about my sister’s recent birthday where my parent’s spent the entire dinner at Jing Huan, on their cell phones?  Well it hurt my sister’s feelings.  And rightfully so! 

And how about dating?  I used to leave my cell at home or turn it off, because i was afraid that my date might think they were less important than whoever was calling.  Yes, I learned a little since the Mongolian bbq, and I wouldn’t want my companion or date to feel like I didn’t care about them or that I didn’t appreciate their taking me out or spending time with me. 

If that’s not bad enough, I have a catch of a friend who had an entire relationship based on text messaging.  When she was worried that their relationship was having problems, I suggested that they talk.  In person, or to call him.  She was okay with it, but this poor boy didn’t know what to say.  And there the problem lies.  What happened to chilvalry and the art of courting?  I hope I can teach my boys a bit more…:)  But who knows what the dating world will be like in 18 years or so…?

The ultimate clincher though is the texting while driving.  I know I’m not alone in being worried every so often because a driver is too busy texting or looking down at their phone while driving.  Especially when the kiddos and I are out for a bike ride and are nearly squashed by a soccar mom, driving, cell phoning, and mothering…dangerous!  🙂

So am I alone in this cell phone thing?  Could you live without your cell?  Or am I living a crazy, solitary battle with my phone?

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