discovery – carin ingalsbe photography

Painting children’s clothes, charming fabric, and vintage clothing has been enticing to me for a while.  Still working with old barns, buildings, trains, etc., but when I saw some of Carin Ingalsbe’s photographs, I was immediately smitten. 

Graduating from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University, she also creates with paint, printmaking, and pastels.  Maybe that’s why her photographs of old clothing and costumes are so vibrant and rich. 

Carin has photographed many costume closets, but over the last couple years has done quite a bit of work creating beautiful art and history archives by photographing the Paris Opera, Royal Swedish, and New York City Ballet’s costumes.  On her site you can enjoy her photographs and read a bit about their past: who wore them, when they were worn, and how old they are.  Check out her limited edition prints here.  They are just incredible!

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