delight – mercantile show w/ grommie

Grommie came to visit and wanted to see the art show at the Midway Mercantile.  Sara and Jonny came with her so we all met the designer at the shop.  This weekend is Swiss Days, so I wasn’t sure if we’d even get a park, but thankfully, there were parking places saved for Mercantile patrons. 

Inside I saw Pam Zupo, one of my very first buyers.  She was helping Lynette with the busy weekend.  She is such a beautiful person…I always enjoy talking with her.  Thanks to extra hands, (and the koi fish swimming outside), we were all able to enjoy the art show without breaking or damaging any antiques.  Grommie was so cute.  She got all teary eyed to see her grand-daughter’s work hanging and displayed. 

It was so sweet of her to make such an effort to come and see my work.  Luv you Grommie!

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