discovery – sundance food & wine ’08


The designer and I attended our first Sundance Food & Wine Festival this afternoon. We enjoyed the delicious food that varied from ahi tuna on cucumber to yummy cheeses, hamburgers, salad, ribs, and of course there was plenty of wine (though I can’t report on the wine :). 

The silent auction included all kinds of wine related packages, adventures, art, and the design service from MCG Design.   There were some nice pieces included, but I was honored to have Calder & Starr’s New-Old Barn displayed next to a Sophie Soprano (Lynn Farr) Parispiece.  When it got too hot, we sat for a while in a tent near the auction.  After a while it was too stressful to watch the guests walk past the auction tables.  The designer and I left a bit early, but after my painting had received it’s first bid.

The event was really nice.  It helped me learn and discover a few things.  We met some great people, but it reminded me that now is the time to spend on my beautiful kiddos, helping them to learn, grow and ultimately, reach their divine potential.  Though I love being involved with the art world, society, it takes time, effort and mostly, time away from my kiddos.  I’ve decided that I can’t feel bad about not having time to go to every event, to help sit in at the store, and market my art.  Artful opportunities that knock at my door that require little time and effort seem to be those that I will participate in.  I’ll continue to paint and enjoy creating, but selling and promoting my art cannot be on the top of my priority list right now.

One day…

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