development – new calling

Being the primary chorister was such an adventure.  I just adored the kids and learning from them each week.  My testimony of learning the gospel through music grew and grew.  I loved my time, and yet I’m grateful to have a break.

My new calling as the Relief Society Bulletin gal is looking pretty great.  This afternoon I began putting together the September edition.  Definitely a fun new way to use creativity.  The presidency asked me to add a section for spotlighting the ladies in our ward.  I thought it would be fun to try something new.  So instead of asking questions, I called my past visiting teacher and asked if I could come take photos that represented her.  In Photoshop, I organized, the photos and hope it will be a fun puzzle for the ladies.

Just waiting for a couple thinks to come online in the new Ensign.  Then off to the UPS store for prints.  The kiddos enjoyed helping me take the photos and visiting with Liz and her grandkids.  This should be another fun activity for us to do together.  We’ll probably ride our bikes to take the photos until it snows…:)

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