delight – charm of old houses

When we first moved to this small valley, one of the first things that I fell in love with was the charm of the old houses downtown.  The builder (two months at the time), and I, would walk up and down the streets in the old part of town.  He loved the movement, being outside, and it almost always put him to sleep.  Me, I loved the exercise and the visual stimulation.  There is just something about an old home that has been painted with care, has architectural details, and a sweet hand making the grounds around it even more beautiful.  The lots downtown are much smaller and so there is something new and exciting every few moments :).  Sometimes the builder and I would walk twice in a day.  There were always new streets to walk and a new path to take.  Each spring, after the snow has given up for the year, the designer and I get excited to see an old home or two each week; being updated, repainted, and glowing.  Simply charming! 

This morning the kiddos and I took a walk through the old part of town near the designer’s office.  I pushed the two older kiddos in the bike trailer, and wore the grower in the Baby Hawk.  My back is sore, but my soul is lifted.  A walk once a week downtown would be good for all of us, and I’m sure I’ll find more charming old homes to photograph and later paint.

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