delight – a friend to play

The builder and the dancer are becoming better friends each day.  Yes, they have their moments…and regularly…where they don’t get along, or are teasing each other.  Yet, lately, it seems that the more common occurance is for me to hear them giggling, lauging, chasing one another, helping each other, etc.  Rewarding is the best way to describe the feeling.  Relief also comes to mind.  🙂

Our neighborhood is wonderful.  Beautiful open spaces with lots of animals for the kiddos to enjoy, but there are few kiddos for ours to play with.  Two of their cousins live accross the street.  The younger is just between them in age.  He, and the dancer still nap each afternoon, where the builder is more likely playing during quiet time.  Yesterday afternoon, the doorbell rang, and there was the builder’s older cousin, Rebecca, inviting him to play.  He was soo excited.  A friend wanting him to play!  I was also so happy, because the grower  was having a hard time: in and out of his afternoon nap.  

When I went to get him later, he had a new hairstyle (the last of 7 previous), was reading books with his younger cousin, and having the time of his life.  When I told him it was time to go, he of course did not want to leave.  Rebecca offered to babysit him for me, but we needed to run to Costco that nite.  I was so happy with her though, that I couldn’t resist hugging her for giving him such a wonderful afternoon. 

I know, I know, it won’t be long and he’ll be constantly running out to play with his friends.  It was just so nice to see him happy and excited to not have to be quiet any more!  And for me to have a quiet moment to myself during quiet time…I actually got dinner ready on time.  🙂

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