discovery – wee gallery

I can’t really say that wee gallery is my discovery, but it was my dear friend and roomate while living in italy, Laura, who made the discovery.  She sent the grower some art cards this past week, and we’ve already had so much fun with them.  I love the simplicity of the designs.  The best part though are the patterns.  The cards are designed to grow with your baby’s development.  Well, the older two kiddos have already had a blast with them.  Besides showing them to the grower, I’m hoping to use them to teach the older kiddos how to draw with patterns.  Should be a fun activity for them.

Wee Gallery has several art packs to choose from as well as mobiles, wall decals, greeting cards, a special book for twins, t-shirts, canvas wrapped art, and free templates to download online.  Check out their site.  It’s rather charming.  The pricing is also very reasonable.  Thanks again Laura, we just love the cards.  The builder could not be parted from them this morning, driving them around the house in his large dump truck!

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