development – kiddo’s art collage {thx jan eleni}


Well here it is: my version of Jan Eleni’s children’s art collage.  Click here to see my original post on her collage.  Since my kiddos are still so small, I thought it would be fun to include photos that I’d taken of them doing art.  This way you can more easily see their age when they were creating. 
The collage was done in Photoshop.  First, I made my background, canvas, sized at 24×30 inches.  Then I opened all of the photo files I wanted included and edited each photo by changing the image size (horizontal to 2″).  This I thought would make the geometric design easier to create.  And finally, I played with the images until I got the pattern you see above.  
Almost too small to notice, in the lower right hand corner of the collage, 08 is printed, to better remind me of our kiddo’s ages.
The design process (as usual) really didn’t take that long, its getting the files out, converted, and deciding how large of a canvas to use.  So if you’re like me and don’t want to pay a hefty price to have someone else do your collage…bust out the Photoshop and have fun!  I’ll post the final product when we get it framed and hung.

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