delight – gardening

My kiddos are crazy about being outdoors.  They love to ride their bikes, play in the sand and dirt hill, go to the mailbox, draw with chalk, and visit our in-laws across the street.  Now that I feel better, I no longer sit on the steps or porch and watch.  The kiddos are enjoying themselves, why shouldn’t I?  Lately I enjoy watering and looking after the yard.  Our plants have all at least doubled in size since we planted them a few weeks before the baby arrived.  It’s been very hot and dry the past couple weeks and everything seems to be suffering.  There are several spots in the lawn that have needed special attention.  After I drug the hose all over, watering the planters and trouble spots in the lawn, I noticed that the hose was in a bow-form:

What a crack up!    Overall, the small bit of gardening has been quite healing for me.  It gets me to walk all over the yard, be in the sunshine, and just enjoy some beauty.  One day, we’ll have a whole yard of our own to design and care for…with fences so the kiddos can play to their hearts content without me worrying about cars driving by.  And I’ll be tending to the yard.

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