discovery – jan eleni collage

Have you seen this gorgeous kiddo art collage by Jan Eleni?  I spotted it in a guest mom’s post on Design Mom, and think it is absolutely charming…so I’m going to make one each year for my husband!  He just had his birthday this week and I had the kiddos do some birthday paintings for him.  After my son’s painting was dry, he insisted on rolling it and gift wrapping it for his dad.  My husband has it hanging in his office at work.  So I thought I’d do a collage for each year, displaying our kiddo’s art.  I’ve taken pictures of quite a few of their pieces already, so I just need to get into photoshop and get going.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

ps….here’s what we came up with:


directions are here.  We’re going to do one each year :).

2 thoughts on “discovery – jan eleni collage

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  2. I LOVED that idea on DesignMom and want to do that for my kids. I clicked on the original link on DM and was shocked at the price. Let me know if it’s easy to do in PhotoShop and maybe learning PhotoShop (which is already on my computer) will be one of my development goals. 🙂 Great new site, by the way. I sense a whole new world in my near future with the twins on the way and am trying to get my head wrapped around day-to-day priorities and how to manage all (soon-to-be) 5 kids. We should meet up at Discovery Gateway on a hot day in August to chat and let the kids play.

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