development – plein air ’08

The American Dream is the title of my plein air piece.  My husband came up with the title.  Not only are there patriotic colors used, but the piece is about how the American Dream involves having your own piece of earth…and doing whatever you wish with it.  The scene can be seen from our backyard.  The previous owners had built a large hill out back, supposedly, to mask the back neighbor’s “junk” that they had rather not see.  The shed, trailer, and pipes in my painting are all still visible from our back deck.  There were a few other items that I chose not to paint because the painting was “busy” enough.  One of the rusty items, I don’t even know what it is, and the other is a partially torn apart motorcycle.  So there is my entry.  The exhibit on display is mostly of nice pictorial scenes, perfect views, for the most part.  And then you have my junk painting…:)

The main contest is now over, but tomorrow and Friday morning there will be a paint out each morning.  You have a smaller geographical area to paint, and you only have 4 hours to register, paint, frame your piece and turn in it.  My best friend and I did the paint out two years ago.  It went so quickly.  I hurried to finish, and my painting was not one to be proud of.  (I painted over it last year).  Since then, I have become much faster and hope that despite my larger canvas, that I will be able to finish it to my liking on Friday.    

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