delight – rest

  Kathryn & Charlotte’s home

My husband has two wonderful aunts that live nearby.  Neither have married, and live together in their childhood home.  They love having company to visit.  When I got very sick a couple months ago and realized that I needed help, I asked if they could help with the kiddos for a couple hours, once a week.  They were very happy that I’d asked. 

Last summer the kiddos would ride in the trailer behind my bike to their home for a visit each week.  We all enjoyed our time together and Kathryn would always tell me how much they loved our visits.  So I knew that their willingness to help was genuine and didn’t feel quite so bad about asking for help (something that has been very difficult for me). 

The kiddos have loved going to visit each week.  Sometimes I feel good and we all stay and visit.  Other weeks I have visited for a bit and then gone home to rest for a while.  My son loves to tell me when it’s time for me to go “take a nap.”  He loves his one-on-one time with his great aunts.  My daughter calls them “grandma,” which they have loved. 

I’m just so grateful to have some time to rest, knowing that my kiddos are in heaven with two darling ladies that love them dearly!

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