theory – assessment

Here is one of my favorite paintings that my son did this winter.  We hang our favorite kiddo works all over our house along with my paintings.  Displaying art is one important way to evaluate each piece of work and helps the artist decide the directions of future pieces.   

Similarly, by recording your daily delights, you are able to evaluate progress towards individual goals that have been set.  Without the record, how will you know the direction to take next? 

There are many ways that you can record or assess the progress of your goals:

  • Blog about your daily delights.  Use a current blog that is already set up and tell the blog world about your discoveries.  If it’s too personal to share your daily delights with the blog world, start a separate blog that only you know about. 
  • Write in a journal or notebookof some kind.  Use one that you already have, or buy a new one with a cover photo/design that inspires you or relates to your daily delight goals
  • start an image collection.  You can save photos of your projects, photos off of the Internet or from magazines and books, photos of things that make you happy…whatever.  Save them to your computer or your blog.  Print them out every once in a while and put them in a box/container, or a photo album.  Make a photo book.
  • Print out Daily Delight Pages.  Towards the end of my sidebar items on the right, you’ll find Printable Assessment Pages that you can upload to your computer, print, and use.  There is a page with the daily delights theory, a page for you to write goals for each of the three daily delights categories (discovery, development, delight),and pages to write a blurb or more about your success or experience in the categories.  Make sure and record the date alongside your blurb/entry.  Save them on your computer and print out additional pages as you need them.
  • Get a sketchbook.  Preferably a blank book that works for you: whether it has rings or sits flat with a great bind.  I am a big fan of sketchbooks.  Sometimes it is easier to sketch out what you are feeling or experiencing.  Writing, scribbling, taping, glueing bits and pieces of magazines, ads, etc.,  are a great way to express the way you feel withought letting all eyes into your world.   Besides, it’s more intruiging to have symbols or photos represent how your feeling, what you’re disovering, and what you’ve learned about yourself.    
  • More ideas?  I’ll let you know as they come to me…till then, leave a comment or email me your assessment ideas, what works and doesn’t work for you and why. 

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