kiddo art shops

Processed with VSCOcam

As part of our homeschool project work, the big kiddos have designed and set up their own art shops.  We’ve been very careful with their usage of computers and decided it was time to teach them how to not only navigate safely, but to learn all the good that can be accessed.

With little experience, it took a while to simply type their bios and descriptions each piece of artwork.  But talk about real-life application, it’s worth every moment.

We chose bigcartel to host their shops, which is free for up to 5 items.  There are various templates to choose from and lots of ways to personalize their shops with color, etc.  They loved it.  They will be updating it frequently, as they choose new work to showcase.  Here are links to their shops and a sneak peak at their homepages…click on the image to take you there.  Happy virtual gallery visiting!

 sportsplayer.artshop   cookergirl.artshop   theexplorer.artshop

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