for my creative friends {art making questions part I}

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Lately I feel a lot of pressure.

Pressure to create, pressure to teach, pressure to be {AMAZING!} as a wife and mother and friend.

It’s a lot and I know I’m not alone in these feelings.  Many of you have asked me how or when I do it all…in so many words.  I thought for all of you I’d compile some of the resources I’ve found helpful…some of my process.

Remember you are {AMAZING}…every one of you.  We all do things a little differently, try some out and see if they help you…if they don’t help, don’t feel guilty about finding another way.

{Truly, there is not enough time for any of us to feel guilty…we have too many beautiful things to do and make right?!}

Speaking of feelings: from personal experience as well as observation I know that the biggest deterrent to becoming the artist we really desire is not being a mother or wife or having another is FEAR.  Don’t let it get to you…scare it away.

MAKE. and DO. and BE.

and FORGIVE yourself along the way.  I am constantly reminding myself that it’s a PROCESS.

RESOURCES I’ve found priceless:

  • LOCAL ART ORGANIZATIONS: Along the Wasatch Back I’ve benefited from PCPAA {park city professional artists association}, MAA {midway artist association}and many friends I’ve met during activities, shows, and monthly meetings. I love participating in MAA’s annual Plein Air Paradise competition.
  • ARTISTS: Befriending local artists, artists online (blogs, intstagram, facebook, etc), and in galleries have given me ideas, support, and have paved the way to my finding my own path.
  • BOOKS: The books I’ve found most helpful so far (and I know there are so many more out there)…Starving to Successful by Jason Horjes of Xanadu Gallery (he has a page on his website dedicated to helping artists with broadcasts, workshop info, and he has a blog/newsletter that is a great subscribe) his latest book is How to Sell Art.  I’m currently reading Lisa Congdon’s Art Inc. and it has been so wonderful…
  • SELL ONLINE: Places like ETSY and ARTSPACE and SAATCHI ART and FINE ART AMERICA are great places to check out and see if one works for you.  Then there are online galleries where you submit your work to be a part such as UGALLERY and  ZATISTA (which has been a phenomenal opportunity for me lately).


  • TIME: 10 years ago I began painting as a mother and discovered the best time for me is while my babies and children are sleeping.  Naptime and Bedtime are studio time around here.  Now that we have twin babies and are homeschooling naptime generally does not work.  So 2 nights a week are now my dedicated studio time.  Carl takes the kiddos those nights and I paint from when he comes home from work (5/5:30) till I go to sleep.
  • STUDIO TIME: During my painting time I don’t do anything else.  I don’t answer emails or package artwork to ship or update my shop or website or blog.  I PAINT PAINT PAINT. period.  Other evenings, naptime, and weekends I can catch up on everything else, but studio time is for creating.
  • SCHEDULE: We have school time, cooking time, baking and cleaning time, and studio time.  There is a time for everything and a lot of freedom to choose for the time in between.  It’s been overwhelming, but the kiddos and I all have TO DO lists of things that need to get done.  The goal is that they learn to choose and do on their time table.  I’m not having to constantly monitor or keep them on task.  We also feel it will help them reach their potential as healthy individuals.
  • MAKE MAKE MAKE: One thing my mother taught me was to be anxiously engaged in a good cause…not even sure if she ever said those words, but it was her example everyday that made it clear.  She was always busy doing and doing good.  I’ve learned that when I am doing I don’t have time to think to deeply about things that might otherwise stand in my way.  I realize that not everything I make will be a masterpiece or even beautiful.  The process can be far more valuable than the result.

Enjoy your artful journey dear friends…and everything that may be a part!  Much love to you in your artful journey, you are beautiful and you are loved! xo ~ katrina 


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