the dancer turns eight!


This sweet soul got baptized over conference weekend.  Family and friends came to celebrate.  Since it was a solo show of sorts on a Friday night, Carl filled the font…he tried to go early just in case.  There was construction outside, though we’re not sure if that was the cause…but the water was so dirty it was like a muddy pond. She couldn’t see the last step and there was no doubt she was immersed (lds baptize by immersion) cause she disappeared ;). She was a great sport about it, just so happy to be baptized.

Later that night as I hugged her before bed, she shared that when she came out she could no longer remember ever fighting with her brothers and that she feels like she has been nicer to everyone.


Here she was 7, nearly 8 months old. A dream baby in so many ways, she would happily sit and sit and sit, giggling and watching and playing with a couple toys for the longest time.


Now a big sister to twin brothers, she is a huge helper. I am grateful every day as she loves and cares for each of her 4 brothers!  This summer when she got the flu the day after school got out she rested a couple days and then set up a spot in my art studio where she began to paint each day. Now our gallery wall in the living room is filled with her beautiful artwork.


This year she’s enjoying trying new things like learning to play the piano, soccer, gymnastics, and has been cooking up a storm, helping in the kitchen.  Her latest specialty is homemade raspberry lemonade…it’s seriously amazing.  Ask her for her recipe, she has it memorized.  Another favorite is swimming; whether poolside or at the lake with her cousins, she has a blast.


What a joy it is to be her mom, she teaches me to be better every day and to see new beautiful things all around. Love you sweet♡ to the moon and back!  xoxo

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