peacock picnic


peacock picnic 30 x 30 oil on wood, 2″ sides painted gray, wire and ready to hang, available at zatista.

My sister and I have a favorite beach spot (as everyone does): Corona del Mar.  We used to joke about retiring there together in neighboring homes. Many a wild sweet moments have been made there throughout our childhood, teens, and now with my own family.

It never disappoints…there are always crabs to catch, waves to chase, dolphins to spot, games of tag along the rocks and near the caves…and then there was that unexpected moment: firecrackers, a special treat or chat next to the bonfire…a surprise discovery in a new friendship or hidden natural beach gem.

I guess that’s what I love most about that place: the guaranteed peace of a beach picnic and some unknown and noisy excitement unique to that visit.


Are you enjoying the peak of summer? What wild and sweet moments are you relishing?  xo ~ katrina

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