surrounded by beauty & strength {gratitude for god’s handiwork}


The kiddos return to school tomorrow.  It has been a long break.  Nothing like those of past, where after a warm breakfast together, Carl went off to work & the rest of us geared up to hit the slopes.  We’d x-country ski all morning, sometimes take a sack lunch on the trails…but usually make it back in time for lunch with their Dad. Then we’d cozy the afternoon away napping, reading, playing with Legos or trains, painting, & cooking. 

It was really what saved this California girl…it was what made me fall in love with all four Seasons & living in the Rocky Mountains.  Special time shared together inside & outside. I could have never predicted it would be skiing at Soldier Hollow…but I’m forever grateful.


This year, of course, has been different.  Instead of playing outside with them in the snow, I’ve watched the kiddos build their snow forts & sled from inside our warm home…almost always from my bed. Grateful to an architect who understood our love of these surroundings & the desire to bring in the outdoors at every turn. 

I have felt the great strength & majesty of mother nature sweetly cradle these boys & I in her love & grace. Instead of feeling like a prisoner, I have felt blessed to enjoy her beauty each day. How grateful I am to a loving & all knowing Heavenly Father who knew just what would bring me peace at this time.


Papa took Carl & the kiddos to visit our friends Dave & Joanne in Oakley for a horse-pulled sled ride.  They had a blast.  So many adventures to be had in this Winter Wonderland! What are some of your favorites? Enjoy it for me please!  xo – katrina


2 thoughts on “surrounded by beauty & strength {gratitude for god’s handiwork}

  1. Thank you for this. Winter is difficult for me, every year, and it’s good to feel of your peace and love. Are you on complete bed rest until the babies arrive, then, or just taking it easy? My best to you and your sweet family.

    • Hi beautiful Stacy! I was just thinking about you today :). So the bedrest is mostly self induced…I can barely walk…they are wide, heavy & I can curb the contractions the more I stay down. I’m bound & determined to make it 37-39 weeks…whatever it takes right?! xo

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