when & what to eat when pregnant & nauseated…especially with twins!


No doubt about it: being pregnant & nauseated is the worst part of pregnancy, I’ve always thought. I’m happy to say that with this twin pregnancy I have received the most support & feel like I understand now more than ever how to eat through pregnancy & that the differences actually helped with the nausea. More than anything, I hope this will help other prego gals out there with eating (even if they’re not suffering from nausea) 😉 As always, chime in below & tell us what has/is working for you!

eating tips

Dr. Brewer’s pregnancy diet

A fabulous simple program. The website has even more wonderful resources.

Eating small meals or snacks every 2 hours or whenever my body told me that included protein seriously saves me (nuts, cheese, beans/legumes, eggs, meat, dark leafy greens, whole grains, protein shake/smoothies). I learned to never just eat a piece of fruit alone…I always had to have nut butter, yogurt or cheese with it. Protein…can’t emphasize it enough (with twins I am to eat 100 grams a day).

follow your cravings
I was simply ravenous in the beginning, would eat a slice of quiche from our local coffee shop & walk another home for a couple hours later. Imagine how happy I was to find out they were twins later & needed all the protein I could get.

salty, sweet, & sour
One of my midwives told me about this perfect combination. I found great relief adding lemon juice or a small amount of lemonade to my water (our tap water even made me throw-up in the beginning). I learned toward the end of my 1st pregnancy to salt my food. I had started to retain water & my blood pressure was off. It worked immediately…there are so many orher benefits, but we need good salt. Since then I happily add sea salt to my food.

eat raw veggies before 2 pm
I was craving big salads but would lose it unless I ate it earlier in the day, had enough protein & added some hot soup

hot foods
Hot/warm foods are easier for our body to digest…again, made a huge difference for me. At night I would cook all my veggies. Now in my 3rd trimester I can eat raw veggies and fruit again but only in small amounts & with something warm to aide digestion. I still try for the big salad at lunch.

avoid cold food
I had to give up muesli at breakfast unless I cooked it and had a fried egg on the side. I also didn’t add ice to smoothies anymore.

Black strap molasses (key) & cooking with cast iron pans will help a ton. I put the molasses in hot oatmeal, protein shakes & pancakes (recipes below).

minerals, vitamins & prenatals
I’ve had a hard time with prenatals till this pregnancy…in fact I gave them up because I would throw them up. Not good, I know. So I was relieved when the raw prenatals from Garden of Life worked! I think the difference has been, instead a taking chemical versions of everything, this company uses raw veggies & sprouts them. I’ll definitely continue to take their products while nursing. I’m taking their Vitamin code raw prenatal, Vitamin code raw calcium, and Raw Protein (in a smoothie)

good oils & fats
I’m pretty much eating everything Richelle suggests this time…no skimping because of cost…I’m going for it this time around…never too late right!? So I’ve been taking a tbs of Udo’s Oil each day along with Nordic Naturals prenatal DHA. There are some great products out there, find what you feel best about & gi for it. I think small conscious choices can really provide the support pregnant moms & their babies need. 😉

ginger & whole grain crackers
This never worked for me till I added the nuts & cheese though I know it works for many by itself.

I’ve had to be careful with sugar, processed foods etc. I do better without it. But I also don’t beat myself up about having a bit…especially good chocolate, a bite of cheesecake or buttermilk pie during the holidays. Guilt is not good. Instead, I have a taste & get some protein ;).

Not related to food, but things that helped balance hormones & curb nausea:

acupuncture/accupressure has helped me so much with balancing my hormones. I can add Chinese Herbs, essential herbs & naet here as Tiffany has used all 4 techniques throughout my pregnancy. If all goes well (weather & her family schedule) she’ll be assisting/attending the birth & I couldn’t be happier…fingers crossed!

viceral massage
Richelle (my midwife) had recommended me seeing Victoria with our 3rd, but with a 2 & 1 year old I didn’t know how to make it work. I should have made it a priority. Not only has Victoria helped relieve the nausea by supporting/healing affected organs, but she has helped relieve so much pain from my knee surgeries, & helped my body widen to make room for the boys (my ribs have expanded over 10 inches. ..seriously amazing). It also helped with my breathing difficulties…good to have more oxygen!

brushing my teeth
Even at 30 weeks, I’m still gagging every time I brush my teeth…no matter the toothpaste. I started oil pulling with coconut oil last week: no gagging! I’ve also started using Bee Rescued Propolis toothpaste from Azure Standard, though I’m sure you can find it at most health food stores…(another win)!

Emotional stress, too many good things (like teaching French and volunteering at school…being too busy, working, too many commitments) affected me most. I realize there are some truly amazing women who can do it all. I admire them but have to realize that simplicity is what works best for me…sometimes just realizing our limits & potential is so important. 🙂 No need to feel guilty wherever we lie on the spectrum…do our best with what we’ve been given = peace, joy, contentment & an optimal pregnancy!


daily raw protein smoothie
8 oz. almond coconut milk
1 banana
1 scoop garden of life raw protein powder (plain)
2 tbs chia seeds
2-3 tbs hemp hearts
1 tbs Mt. Capra goats mineral whey
1 tbs Udo’s Oil
1 tbs raw cacao
a handful or two spinach/kale

Blend & enjoy. I usually eat this for my mid morning snack…about 1 1/2 – 2 hours before lunch.

buckwheat spelt pancakes
3/4 cup buckwheat berries (ground into flour)
1 1/2 cups spelt berries (ground also)
2 1/4 cups almond coconut milk
2 large eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
4 tbs black strap molasses
3-4 tbs hemp hearts
3 tbs chia seeds
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 stick melted butter

Combine all in blender until mixed thoroughly. Even better would be to soak the flour & seeds in the milk over night and then add the remaining in the morning. 😉  This is a double batch at least…makes about 4 cups of batter. I like to save at least half of it in a mason jar for another day. I will eat a couple of these with butter, nuts, fruit & a fried egg on the side.

Our kiddos get a kick out of the buckwheat grain…it’s just like out of a Dr. Seuss book!

May you find relief & figure out just what your body & babies need…it’s never too late. I was pretty sick all day today…finally had to send the designer for a cheeseburger at 7 pm tonight lol! xo – katrina

3 thoughts on “when & what to eat when pregnant & nauseated…especially with twins!

  1. Great to hear! I made your smoothy & your lovely pancakes too! Peter & I both loved it all! 🙂
    A Happy 2014 to you & your lovely Family filled with tons of joy, happiness,…really good food & great perenting! Cheers! xxx

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