and it begins!

Paul and his crew began last week…some grubbing and surveying to get things done.  Since we couldn’t find the sewer hookup, and the sanitation district had concrete-filled the manhole origin, Paul’s guys began digging up the road where a new line will be placed.  The kiddos and I stopped by to check out the hole yesterday…and the pump removing all the water.  It was so exciting, the explorer cried when we went to leave.  I can understand why Chad (our brother-in-law) wanted us to have Charlie for a while so he could watch everything all day at the lot…it’s incredibly interesting…just dangerous!

Unfortunately, we found out early this morning that there were police officers on site, and that there had been an accident.  I feel terrible.  Our new neighbor backed right into the skid-steer on his way to work.  Better than into the hole right?

The designer has spent his extra time trimming trees and taking the remains of a couple to Lance Excavating (local friends, did you know that you can take all organic stuff there for free?  Diana and her crew turn tree trimming, roots, etc into mulch, and they will also take dirt, rock, etc….sure beats paying to take it to the dump!)

I’ve learned that the designer is quite the tree jumper/smasher. 🙂

After one afternoon working together, we enjoyed a shady moment to catch our breath.

Cheers and thx in advance to:

  • the Army Corps for the permit of a lifetime
  • Brad Kohler: pre-sale digging master
  • Paul Proctor: our concrete tilt-up specialist, and his crew
  • Todd Drennan: our modern-design architect
  • Adam Huff: structural engineer
  • Wendy Johnson: City Inspector
  • the designer of course!

Here’s to a messy beginning and a project that we’ll probably work on for the next 20 years!  Please leave a comment if you have any home-building advice…can’t wait to read them! xo ~ katrina

7 thoughts on “and it begins!

    • thx so much Sophie…my favorite part of the house is the attached greenhouse, which you’d appreciate of course 🙂

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