thoughts during the holidays

The first couple days of the week were pretty emotional for me…various circumstances, but mostly the lower pain in my back, confirming the fact that I’m not prego.  I will know for sure on Christmas…wouldn’t it have made the perfect Christmas gift?  I wonder how many couples have found out the good news on that holy day…

I’m happy for them.  And I’m happy for us.  I had a wonderful last couple days.

Part of that was a treatment with ZD.  She too confirmed my fears and is helping me heal and get my strength back.   Meanwhile she gave me some very wise advice…you know, the kind I’ve heard before, even shared with others: if it’s meant to be, it will happen…perhaps it’s not part of your mission…

And then she gave me advice that she feels is for all women:

  • find joy every day
  • strengthen your relationship with your spouse (everyday)
  • enjoy one another (in 20 years the children will be gone and all you’ll have is each other)
  • have fun together

So I’m recommitted.  To my husband, to our three unexpected blessings.

Call it another honeymoon, but my gift to each other this year will be that: each other.

I’m so grateful for all that we have been given: the most important things being each other.

Wishing everyone a few more blissful days before Christmas…may we find the warmth and joy every day! xo ~ katrina

2 thoughts on “thoughts during the holidays

  1. Gorgeous pictures.

    I don’t mean to sound trite, I really don’t, so forgive me if it comes across that way. My two pregnancy losses were two of the most gut-wrenching, life altering, hardest things we have ever gone through, but when I look back on them, I can clearly see their purposes. I would not be who I am, my marriage wouldn’t be what it is without those experiences.

    I also firmly believe that there is a time and a place for each of these little spirits. For some, I believe that the timing of their births is so important that even the month of their birth matters.

    It’s not an easy road you’re on, but be patient with yourself as the grief still might crash over you like ocean waves at times.

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