some kiddo math while making a felt ornament

Breakfast was done, the designer and builder off to work and school, and the explorer was doing the dishes…

The dancer was project ready…determined to make the felt ornament from a kit.

Little did we know, there were enough pieces to make 6 reindeer!  Organization was definitely needed, and the dancer is the gal for the job.  The builder has been working in class on counting groups and beginning multiplication, so I thought I’d have her implement some of the same exercises using the ornament pieces.

As she looked at the image, she would organize the groups of buttons, bells, and felt pieces in groups of four, two, etc.  So that each reindeer was ready.

All this organizing was taking place while I was struggling at sewing rudolph…perhaps the 2nd will turn out better…yes, I stopped after the first: it took over an hour.  😉  I do think paper is so much easier.

But we had a wonderful morning together…I especially loved watching the dancer teach the explorer how to do each pile.  It was a welcome challenge, and I enjoyed the embroidery (something I’ve only done on our stockings).

Are you making ornaments this year?  What are your favorite handmade ornaments?  xo ~ katrina

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