back in the studio: holiday commissions

This afternoon, as the dancer and I were rearranging the paintings in her room (per her request…she’s quite the creative lil’ nymph), she asked,

Why haven’t you been working in your art room?

I explained that I was taking a break.  To this she asked an even more poignant question:

You’re taking a break ALL day?  🙂

I love the innocent questions the kiddos pose each day.  Most of which I really need to listen to, for there is much I can learn from each of them.

I admit that the art room is a bit of a mess right now.  When I was painting the musical instrument paintings for Ms. Kristi, I did them on the kitchen table as I need a clutter-free place to work so I don’t get distracted and spend my time reorganizing instead.

Meanwhile I currently working on a few Holiday Commissions.  If you’re looking for something special this holiday season, here are my sale prices for holiday commissions:

36×48″ = $4150 (regular price) => $2750 (holiday sale price)
30×36″ = $2600 => $1800
30×30″ = $2100 => $1500
18×24″ = $1025 => $599
16×16″ = $625 => $500
11×14″ = $370 => $250
Other sizes are fine…just nothing smaller than 11×14 for subjects other than simple objects (shoes, clothes, etc.)
Some of my favorite commission subjects:
  • favorite places/memories
  • buildings, homes
  • baby clothes, blessing outfits, shoes
  • portraits
I’m always up for new ideas.  🙂
To order your holiday commission, email me by the end of November:
  • a chosen subject
  • a photo for reference
  • the decision of whether you want it framed (cradled) or unframed (to be framed later)
  • the address of the gift’s recipient if you’d like it wrapped (complimentary of course) and mailed to the lucky receiver directly
sadie's dress    
As for my latest interior series:
Remaining pieces are for sale on Zatista (I’ve lowered prices in hopes that it will help the gift giving quest this season)  🙂
happy gift-giving preparing and dreaming! ~ xoxo, katrina

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