festival wrap-up

We made it!  First Arts Festival come and gone.  What a weekend!  What an experience!  Special thanks to the designer and kiddos for helping me get ready.  The designer and I had a wonderful weekend together.  The spot was fabulous and overall, I’m so very glad we jumped in.

So many little details to think about…all fit amazingly into the Sienna:

Favorite moments:

  • celebrating with family & friends
  • meeting the art lovers
  • local paper spotlight
  • small radio moment
  • seeing it all together for the first time
What we learned:
  • lights were only needed for maybe 15 minutes the first evening (many didn’t even bring them)
  • varied price points are invaluable
  • you can’t drink too much water
  • work quickly at take-down so you don’t get stuck (the Kimball is like an oiled machine…take advantage)
Next time:
  • to print or not to print? – we didn’t bring any this time around
  • paint smaller – varied sizes = varied prices
  • we had some great advice and experience on set-up and presentation from art friends – not sure I’d change much else!
merci beaucoup tout le monde! xoxo ~ katrina

3 thoughts on “festival wrap-up

  1. thx so much Kerri. 🙂 And I’m loving your new piano website. Wishing you were back in Heber! Those students are so very lucky to have to teaching again! xoxo

  2. Katrina, your paintings look great all together in the set up. It’s fun to do festival’s yes? but it takes it always take is out of me for about a week afterwards! like a bump in the road but a fun bump! hee hee.

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