final festival touches & special thx

Final Touches:

  • Over the weekend, the garage was filled with paintings waiting for their light varnish to dry
  • the designer has cemented pvc for weights, has collected and organized neccesary-non-art items, and is my go-to-manager
  • Mom flies in tomorrow to help with the kiddos
  • JuLee has been sewing up a storm so that we can have bags to carry and protect each painting…they are soo beautiful!
  • Special thanks to all of you who donated your old linens, fabric, etc.  Here is a sneak peek:

  • The dancer has been making her own requests as the final touches have been made: to Grandma, she has asked for her own sewing creations, and to myself, she has picked out which paintings she’d like to hang in her room if they don’t disappear at the show.  🙂  And I thought this only happened when they got older Deb!  lol
More thanks:
  • thx to Ali and Ben for letting us use their i-pad to make purchases via square
  • thx to Austin for letting us borrow his RV battery (let there be light!)
  • thx to Deb for letting me borrow her grids
  • thx to Alix for everything
  • thx to Bob and Janet for support and letting us festival next door
  • thx to Alison, Traci, JuLee, Cindy, Kaylee, Anna, and of course the designer, who’ve helped me get a few more hours of painting time in…thx so much {13 paintings in July would never have happened without you}!

Best wishes to all my friends at the festival!  xoxo, katrina


2 thoughts on “final festival touches & special thx

  1. All the best for your art show Katrina. It is an exciting time getting ready for shows, but a lot of work too. May it all be worthwhile, and you have a great time, meet lots of wonderful people and hopefully sell too!

    • Hi Sally! Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer spending lots of time on the porch. 🙂 The festival was such a fabulous opportunity and learning experience…I’m so glad I had the chance to participate. I’m just barely getting back into the swing of things. Thank goodness for Fall! xoxo

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