sweet is the work – an original oil

sweet is the work by katrina berg, 30×36 oil

Our summer has definitely been the summer of work.  Sweet work.  Teaching, learning, and refining necessary and helpful skills, like sweeping, swimming, and vacuuming (yes, even the explorer is becoming a mean vacuum king).  Doing their own laundry and putting their clothes away (with a little assistance), playing and resting on their own during the afternoon so that I can paint,…

Sacrificing things we think we might want now for a greater cause.  Learning to save and give to others.  Becoming business saavy (we let the kiddos pick what they wanted to sell in our community garage sale…they priced their things and made the transactions with the customers).

Reading.  Reading one-on-one, reading as a family, reading as they eat their bedtime snack…

We love to listen and dance while we’re working…the kiddos favorite songs right now are Where were you on our wedding day? by Billy Joel, and In our Lovely Deseret by Lyle K. Hadlock.

It’s all work, but sweet work.  I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to learn, grow, and work alongside these beautiful souls.

xoxo, katrina


3 thoughts on “sweet is the work – an original oil

  1. Your kids are getting so big!

    I’ve been thinking about you lately. Its been WAY too long. I would love to see you before the summer is over.

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