a good soak – an original oil

a good soak by katrina berg, 30×30 oil

Oh the joys of summer soaking inside and outside!  The kiddos are becoming quite the school of little fish.  The designer and I are loving watching them learn and grow.  The builder is becoming quite a powerful swimmer skimming with ease along the top.  The dancer treads forever and will butterfly stroke her way to me.  I caught her watching me intently as I swam a few laps last night.  I love watching the wheels turn in their heads as they are learning which parts of each stroke to try next.

We have loved spending time with family and friends at the pool…here are some fun pics of Grandma & Brit basking and soaking with the designer and kiddos while I was painting away at the easel inside.

One thought on “a good soak – an original oil

  1. Sounds like your little ones are taking after their mamma in swimming. You have always been a great swimmer. Beautiful paintings, Kat! Happy summer!

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