spring dreams: an original oil

spring dreams by katrina berg, 30×30 oil on 2″ cradled masonite

With spring in our dreams, the kiddos and I hitched a ride with my parents to California a week before Spring Break.  Our first stop, and reason for my parent’s arrival in Utah was to celebrate the beautiful and practically perfect life of my Aunt Debra.  She was ever so amazing and I am so honored to know her, to have watched her all my life, wishing to be a little more like her as a mother & friend.  It was so hard to see her go.   She brought so much joy and love into this world.   And yet, I look at my cousins, their wives my uncle, and her grandchildren, and I know she taught them (and us), so very, very much.  Thank you Debra, I love you ever so much!

The O.C. did not disappoint as we spent our first morning helping Nana choose perrenials and succulents for her planter beds.  The kiddos were so happy to play outside with Daisy (our family’s sheltie) and enjoy my siblings, Nana, & Papa.  The following day, the kiddos and I walked to the park with Daisy…enjoyed the many citrus trees and ever abundance of beauty along the way.  That evening, we celebrated the builder’s 6th birthday.

We had a visit from Amos P. Devany, Tristan, and the bump on the way.  We enjoyed another walk along the trails with Reesa in the rain.  Well, we twirled umbrellas until it began to downpour, then Reesa and I began to run, holding a kiddo each, until Nana came to our rescue.  🙂

Seaner and the designer arrived, we buried sweet Daisy, the next morning…had a little ceremony for her, cried, and the kiddos took rose petals from their fairy beds they’d made to put over her grave.   Gosh I wish I’d taken more photos with she and the kiddos.  They so bonded those last few days.  The builder cried when I told her and the explorer was just so sad.  He was always looking for her, finding her in her resting spot, giving her hugs and luvin’.

We enjoyed a wild weekend as everyone prepared for Brigham’s arrival, family portraits, Brig’s endowment at the temple, his farewell at Church, party afterwards, cousins, aunts & uncles, forever friends, and some good food.  Too fast, too short.  Brig we miss you so very much!   Make it an awesome 2 years, springboard from your first amazing week in the MTC and you’ll find everything you hoped for in Paraguay!

Dezzer & Reesa took a beach day with us at Corona Del Mar, one of our fav spots.  We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom with Ken & Ashley, and topped off the trip with a quick stop in Vegas to catch up with some of our best friends!  It was a whirlwind of a beginning to Spring.  What can I say, it’s good to be home!

What dreams are you living this Spring?! xoxo~ katrina

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