provident living: heber valley artisan cheese factory is open!

When I was studying abroad in France, my roomie and I would make sure and try a new cheese every time we passed la fromagerie (cheese shop).  Oh, we loved cheese…what can I say, Lise (as prof. Le Bras called her) and I were meant to be roomies for so many good reasons…one obviously was our love of French delicacies.  🙂

So yes, I have an obsession with fancy cheese…and thank goodness the designer enjoys cheese as well.  His beautiful cousin Camille married a Kohler, so we’ve known about the Kohler’s cheese factory for quite a while now…and have been anxiously waiting: imagining all the wonderful cheese adventures we would have. Then we took the kiddos to the open house during Swiss Days and increased the anticipation 3 fold.  Each time we would pass, the kiddos would enthusiastically inquire, “Is the Cheese Factory ready yet?”.  Or would announce, “Mom, Dad, I think the Cheese Factory is ready!”…anytime it looked even a little different.

To our delight, Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Factory is now open!!!  The kiddos and I walked our first excursion there this week.  We found cheese to taste, raw milk, ice cream, and a few other items from Winder Dairy.   I let the kiddos choose.  Back at home we enjoyed a wonderful snack of apples, oranges, squeaky cheese (cheddar curds) and some “Swiss Baby”.  The builder suggested that we walk their every day for cheese.  Not to worry Kohler fam, we’ll be in frequently…but perhaps not everyday.  🙂

Looking forward to making yogurt and kefir with the raw milk.  Thank you to the Kohler’s for sharing their love of family, tradition, good milk, and fabulous cheese!

What are your favorite cheeses?  Have you been to Heber Valley Artisan Cheese yet?  

4 thoughts on “provident living: heber valley artisan cheese factory is open!

  1. I’m a fan of feta cheese, because it’s betta with feta (a family joke of sorts!).

    I just got the latest Segullah journal, have you ever submitted your art work to them? If not, you should consider it already! (nudge, nudge).

    Hope you’re doing well, Katrina! And Happy Easter!


    • Aww miss you Terresa lover of the betta feta! Are you in the latest Segullah? I need to catch up on Segullah, thx for the reminder! Happy to Easter to you, Ben, and those cute egg seekers, xoxo!

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