kiddo daily delights – old bear by kevin henkes


The builder came home from preschool with a seasons craft.  They had glued gliter and colored construction paper on different sections of the tree to represent the 4 seasons.

Old Bear by Kevin Henkes is a wonderful book about the four seasons and a hibernating bear.  It is a book you can read and do projects with your kiddos all year long.  Activity suggestions…


  • listen and/or dance to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
  • collect nature samples throughout the year
  • record the positions of the stars

Winter (if you have snow):


  • raise some caterpillars
  • collect flowers in bloom
  • paint eggs


  • make a slip’n’slide
  • lay in the tall grass & find animals, shapes, etc. in the clouds
  • make a boat and let it go in a nearby stream/gutter


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