a clean & crisp morning – an original oil

a clean & crisp morning by katrina berg, 30×36″ oil on 2″ cradled masonite

Days like today seem to be filled with one activity/project to the next and many messes to clean up along the way.  I love that the house stays clean once everyone is in bed.  And if I’m rested enough to rise before them…it is still clean.  🙂

I’m craving for another “stuff detox”…just need a few more hours in the day to go through each room.  Then maybe there wouldn’t be so many options of things to get out and then put away…ahh…the beauty of a simply, stuff-less life!

What are you craving today? Have a wonderful week! xoxo ~ katrina

sides painted grey

4 thoughts on “a clean & crisp morning – an original oil

    • Wow, how did I miss this one Sally??! This is the designer’s favorite lately, it was so fun to do. 🙂 xoxo

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