empty chairs and empty table: an original oil

empty chairs and empty table by katrina berg, 18×24 oil on wood

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I love family.  I’m so grateful for the wonderful people in my life, friends, family, and so many of you that I’ve only met online.

Not too long ago, I was able to attend my cousin’s dance concert at Brigham Young University.  She is part of the Comtemporary Dance Theater, what many of us knew as the Dancer’s Company…yes, I know it’s aging me.  🙂  Anyways, it was a wonderful performance.  I particularly enjoyed the pensiveness of several of the pieces.  Sara had a special part in a number entitled “Empty Chairs”.   It showed one example of a family that had lost members in one way or another…spiritually.

While I was painting this piece, I chose not to place anything on the table or chairs.  Thinking about how many times in life we or those we love leave…leaving the table totally empty.  When just outside is a beautiful view…a greater perspective of things we can and will accomplish in our lives eternally.

Thinking today of any of you who’ve lost a loved one to death, depression, debt, illness, addition, the choice to not to forgive, etc.  May we come together at some point and find the beauty of life and eternity waiting just beyond our view.  xoxo ~ katrina

Sara is receiving the hug…oh and I really love the second 🙂

4 thoughts on “empty chairs and empty table: an original oil

    • Hi Morgan 🙂 So glad you remember the Dancer’s Company. What a great place to spend all your time, in the HFAC. It wasn’t my home, but I managed to take a class in there each semester…I loved listening to the drama students recite lines, the musicians in the practice room, and of course checking out the lastest exhibits. You were probably one of those I was admiring! xoxo

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