du the au matin: an original oil

du thé au matin by katrina berg, purchase here on Zatista

A few weeks ago I began teaching French in Park City as part of their Community Education program.  The students are amazing, they brighten each of my days and remind me why I love the French language and culture so.

I’ve been dreaming again in French…it has been lovely.  In class we’ve been practicing food vocabulary, how to order, explaining familiar recipes in French.  du thé au matin is the brightness I long to feel each morning. – xoxo, katrina

What are you dreaming about lately?

2 thoughts on “du the au matin: an original oil

    • Mais oui! 🙂 Et toi, parles-toi un peu le français? btw, When the weather is better I’m dying to have you do our portrait!

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